Why Am I A Magnum Sponsored Athlete – Brianna Harris

Out of the hundreds of supplement companies out there I am fortunate enough to have a sponsorship with Magnum Nutraceuticals. This didn’t come without hard work however. Fitness has been my passion for over half a decade, and I have four competitions under my belt. Before I began competing I pursued my passion for learning about the human body and completed my Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Biology. Throughout my studies I began to understand that in today’s western lifestyle proper supplementation is necessary for the body to perform at its full potential. I am extremely proud to represent Magnum because they are an incredible Canadian company based on integrity, quality, and science.

As a Magnum Athlete I have the pleasure of educating others on health and fitness and how Magnum’s products will help them achieve their goals. Whether someone is working towards losing weight, putting on muscle mass, or performing at a certain level I am always excited to recommend stacks of Magnum products that will best help that person hit their goals!

Biology and the functions of the human body has intrigued me as early as public school. While completing my undergraduate degree some of the most interesting classes to me were biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, as well as nutrition. All of the products developed and created by Magnum correspond with what I have learned about the functions of the body and how to help it perform at its best.

Pushing your body to its limits and being physically demanding of your body require you to be as equally understanding to its nutritional requirements. With the lifestyles of Western society proper supplementation is crucial to keep your body nourished. Magnum has a range of products that not only fill nutritional gaps, but enhance your body’s physical and even mental capabilities.

Finally, I am a Magnum athlete because I am proud of the core values of the company – integrity, quality, and science. Magnum is completely honest about the ingredients each supplement contains. Magnum products use only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in absolutely everything. They also use the most recent and up to date scientific research to base their products off of.

Since becoming a Magnum athlete nine months ago I have crushed more of my goals than I imagined possible! Spreading the word to people about how this company can do the same for others makes me incredibly happy. I am proud to represent and be a part of such an incredible team!

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