Why Am I A Magnum Sponsored Athlete – Annette Mountford

When I first started out in this industry, my goal was to just try to live my best life.  I began working out everyday, which turned into training every day, which eventually turned into competing.  It was a just a natural progression.  Same goes for my love affair with Magnum.  It was just meant to be.

My story starts about two and a half years ago with my husband.  We had been living out of balance for many years and the health toll was beginning to sneak up on us.  We slowly changed our bad habits, started working out everyday, learned about nutrition and what supplements our bodies needed to stay healthy.

When I first started looking into supplements, I would just go to my local supplier and ask the guy behind the counter for his recommendations.  Then I would buy whatever was on sale or the best price.  I had no idea about quality control, pharmaceutical grade vs feed or food grade, or about REAL VALUE.

I have competed in 3 shows so far in my career.  Leaving me the Bikini Champion of B.C. and a Nationally qualified competitor.  What a dream come true! When I won overall at The Popeye’s Fall Classic 2015 (my first show), I went home with a HUGE gift bag full of Magnum products.  I tried the Magnum Chocolate Love Quattro Protein powder, and I was hooked!  It was so smooth and tasty I actually gave away the “other” discount brand protein I had in my cupboard.

I started to read the labels on each of the Magnum products I received. Then I went to their web site and learned all about the company.  Magnum was started right here in BC!  Wow, a local Canadian company! I also learned that Magnum uses only 100% pharmaceutical grade raw materials and is site licenced.  That made me think, “what the heck are other companies using?”.  I wouldn’t trust anything else I put in my body to be less than excellent, would I?

Becoming a sponsored athlete with Magnum, was something I had only dreamed about.  Being part of such an incredible group of people, is still unbelievable.  I knew Magnum was right for me because I knew what they stand for.  It is so easy to see how much each team member cares about integrity, sport, health and living a healthy lifestyle.   They want Magnum to be the BEST, because they want you to be your best!   Every day Markus and Magnum make decisions about the quality of everything that goes into their products and their brand.  They hold themselves to an unmatched, unwavering commitment to giving their customers only the BEST!

I am a Magnum sponsored athlete because their integrity and values align with my own.  Starting off as a customer and seeing my own amazing results just made me want to share this unbelievable brand with the world!   Its like when you try a new mascara and you just have to tell your girlfriends about it!  When something is good, you share.

Magnum is not only good, its freakin’ fantastic!!  I love how it is government audited for quality assurance. It is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practises) certified.  They have spent years creating unique formulations for their products, to make sure that all of their products work synergistically with each other; Creating the worlds one and only “Magnum Stack” system.  You can design your own combination of Magnum supplements, for what ever your lifestyle might require.

I love that they are a one stop shop brand.  They have all your bases covered from something that every one needs, like a daily multivitamin (Magnum Primer packs), or greens (Magnum Performance Greens), all the way through to testosterone boosters, multiple different formulas for pre-workout (Opus, Limitless, Rocket Science), high end protein, intimate performance boosters, pumps, recovery, amino acids, the list literally goes on!

I am a Magnum sponsored athlete because simply, I love Magnum.  Becoming a sponsored athlete at Magnum allows me to share something that I am completely, insanely passionate about. Health! I want you to be your best, so I would only recommend the best.  And I can truly say that Magnum is exactly that. The Best.

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