DIY: PRE-FO Pre-Workout Gummy Candies!!

If you haven’t yet tried PRE-FO, the world’s most amazing extremely concentrated pre-workout, you need to! The newest flavour, Blue Shark Candy, is now available in the USA! So get your order in today before it sells out!!

PRE-FO is now available in four delicious flavours:

  1. Candy Cola Bottles
  2. Candy Keys
  3. Strawberry Marshmallow Candy
  4. Blue Shark Candy

What do all of these flavours have in common? They’re all gummy candies. So naturally we thought to ourselves “Why don’t we try making an actual pre-workout gummy?” Amazing idea… so here it is!

You Will Need:

  • PRE-FO – any flavour but we used the new Blue Shark Candy
  • Silicone candy molds – we found our gummy bear molds on Amazon
  • 1 unflavoured gelatin packet
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1/4 cup cold water


Pour 1/4 cup cold water into a glass or metal bowl. Then add the unflavoured gelatin packet and let sit for 1 minute; this allows the gelatin to thicken. Then pour 1 cup of boiled water to the mixture and stir. Finally, add 2 scoops of PRE-FO and mix completely.

PRE-FO pre-workout gummy candy PRE-FO pre-workout gummy candy PRE-FO pre-workout gummy candy

You can now begin pouring the mixture into the molds. Our silicone molds came with a liquid dropper for easy application! Let sit in the fridge for 1.5 hours or until completely set. Finally, remove from the molds and enjoy!

Tip: if you’re having trouble popping the gummies out of the mold, place them in the freezer, remove, then thaw in the fridge.

PRE-FO pre-workout gummy candy PRE-FO pre-workout gummy candy

You will notice that the gummy bears in this recipe are not blue. That is because Magnum does not use any artificial dyes in our formulas! All flavours are developed naturally. You COULD add food colouring to this recipe to get the vibrant gummy bear colours, but we like things to stay as natural as possible. 😉

PRE-FO pre-workout gummy candy


This recipe will produce approximately 150 gummy bears (depending on the candy mold you’ve used).

BEWARE – these gummies are addictive. Although extremely delicious, DO NOT forget that they contain 2 full servings of PRE-FO per recipe. Be sure you understand your tolerance before consuming, and don’t eat them all unless you plan on killing it at the gym afterwards!


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