MNT Spotlight: Meet Denys + Teresa!

Denys + Teresa, Magnum Nation Transformation MNT

Introducing Denys and Teresa Middleton! They are the owners of DynaCore Fitness in Redmond, OR. We’ll be following them over the next 60 days as they take on the Magnum Nation Transformation Challenge (MNT).


After being introduced to Magnum Nutraceuticals at the Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas, we knew that we wanted to carry the line at DynaCore. Then we found out about the MNT Challenge. I have always wanted to lead by example. So I decided that if I was going to ask my clients to take the Magnum line then I must be willing to as well. I have been in the fitness industry for the past 18 years. It’s been my life’s work to help people get healthy. Every morning I get the privilege to wake up and do just that. I have helped literally thousands of people work towards their weight loss goals. I believe that this is the next level in helping not only me, but my clients as well. So pumped to be getting this started!!

Denys’s Favorite Magnum Products:

Opus – The one that started it all. I was given a free container of this at the Olympia. I took it home and HOLY STAMINA AND STRENGTH BATMAN! Stimulants have always been a sensitivity of mine, so it has been hard for me to find a pre/intra workout product. I LOVE this stuff!

Thrust – After taking this for only a few days the one thing that I noticed the most was the strength gains at the gym. I have dealt with multiple products over the years that have boasted the “Guaranteed to give you massive gains” claim and almost all of them have fell flat. P.S. Sleep has been phenomenal. Pretty vivid dreams too, just sayin’. 😉

E-Brake – While getting ready for my first ever competition, I had a coach that was talking to me about an estrogen blocker. I told him that I really wanted to stay natural. Yet he still insisted that it was the only way to win. This definitely frustrated me. Even though I took 2nd in both my divisions, it always haunted me that the only way I would see top spot was to cheat. After I heard about E-Brake, I felt confident that I had found a way to have both. I love how E-Brake was a way to balance the hormones to give you that level of results.

Fixation – I have suffered from knee issues most of my life. So, joint supports have been a part of my life for years. I have never found one that started to show results so quickly. Myself and many of my clients started seeing dramatic results in joint comfort and mobility within days of beginning use.

Volume – Even though I am yet to take this product. If there is any indication of how this product will work based on that of the others. This is going to ROCK! Looking forward to following up on this one.


Six years ago my husband, Denys and I created Dynacore Fitness. Every day we get the privilege of helping our clients make life long changes to their health and fitness.

Now it’s my turn to make changes. As a wife, a mother, and a business owner I rarely make the time for myself. So I’m excited to take on the MNT along with my husband and clients. We have been very impressed at the results that our clients have been achieving while on the Magnum products. I want to experience those result for myself. Most of my life I have had jobs, like so many others, that force me to remain stagnant for the majority of the day. So combating this is a challenge that I would like others to see me overcome. I have always tried to better myself through education, professionalism and health. I want to take that to the next level.

Teresa’s Favorite Magnum Products:

Mimic – I love that mimic uses my extra carbs to store as energy for my next workout.
Primer – Getting all of my micro-nutrients in each day is a hard thing to do. Primer tackles this problem for me in a quick once per day packet. Great for my busy life!
Heat Accelerated – That quick pick me up first thing in the morning, gets me up and going. It’s productive from the start of the day!
Acid – Who doesn’t love a product that helps shrink fat cell size and density?!
Hi-5 – This is the perfect recovery drink. It’s not too sweet and it repairs after each and every workout.

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