How To Stay Focused This Summer

Stay focused this summer

Summer’s almost here and we all want to feel our best and be confident in our own skin. Keeping up with our nutrition, workouts and supplementation throughout the summer is important for our long-term goals. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean your routine should take a break!

Here are some tips to keep you in tip-top shape while reaching your goals:


It’s important to keep up with proper nutrition throughout summer. Some people spend months sculpting abs only to lose it all because of a weekend of bad eating and drinking. Make sure you keep your hard work around!

  • Fail to plan, plan to fail – It’s okay to go out and enjoy yourself – but planning ahead is essential. Depending on the event try eating cleaner throughout the day. Even saving some carbs and fats for a social meal will save you in the long run. If you’re going to a BBQ bring some of your own creations to share. Having your own food there will allow you to stress less. You’ll know how to track the food and you’re friends and family will be able to enjoy some healthier alternatives. Win-win! If you’re going out of town for a few days try finding a meal planning service that will cater to your nutrition needs. Again, this will allow you to enjoy your trip and not worry about where to eat and if it’ll fit in your plan.
  • Get your protein in! – Summer foods can be higher in carbs and fats. In order to reach your protein goals try making some fun summer recipes! Quattro protein ice cream is a great example of how you can reach your goals while staying on track.
  • Eat fresh! – Stop buy your local Farmers Market to get the freshest vegetables, fruits and meats. Summer offers so many colourful fruits and vegetables it makes it easier to incorporate them into your diet. Eating clean non-processed foods will help you look and feel your best when you’re ready to hit the beach or summer event.
  • Stay Hydrated – Whether you’re outside on the boat, working in your yard or just getting a tan, it’s important to stay hydrated. In the warm weather, your body’s natural cooling process is to sweat. So if your sweating excessively you may become dehydrated. Drink lots of water, especially if you’re sweating. Try mixing in Magnum’s HI5. This tasty drink will help with recovery while oxygenating and hydrating your cells. Even freezing HI5 into ice cubes to add flavour to your water!


  • Get after the gains – If you’re trying to lean out this summer weightlifting can give you an edge. Not only does it help increase your metabolism but muscle helps burn fat – making you a calorie burning machine. Incorporating some of Magnum’s fat burners like Heat and Afterburner will help you burn the extra fat throughout the day and night.
  • Mix up your workouts – With warm weather upon us try a few workouts outside! This gives you variety in your workouts and will help keep boredom away. Lots of gyms or trainers will host outdoor boot camps. You can also expand your fitness social circle this way.
  • Wake up and sweat – Getting up and doing fasted cardio will help get your body working. Fasted cardio increased the fat burning process. To enhance your sweat try using DripFit. This product will help you tighten up while improving blood flow.


Summer events can pop up with short notice. If you’re in a pinch for time, E-Brake is a go-to product that you can see results within seven days! You’ll drop water, get tighter and feel stronger in the gym.

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you should stop taking your essentials. Make sure you’re taking Primer and Greens! This will ensure you’re getting your micronutrients that you’re not getting from food and help balance your bodies PH levels. Helping your body work more efficiently.

Staying consistent with your workouts and nutrition will help you become summer ready! No matter what your summer goal is – make sure you’re having fun doing it!

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