Introducing Two NEW Delicious Opus Flavors!

Opus red berry candy and twister pop

Introducing two delicious NEW flavors of Opus:

Opus Red Berry Candy and Twister Pop!

Opus is an amazing Intra-Workout with an effective, scientifically-proven formula. We’ve kept that same incredible formula and taken things to the next level, with a new chrome bottle design and two mouth-watering flavor options!

An Intra-Workout has never tasted this good!


Opus Red Berries

Why Take Opus? What Does It Do?

Builds More Muscle

With a full 4 grams of L-Leucine in each two scoop serving, Opus creates a positive nitrogen environment for muscular growth. It activates a major anabolic (muscle building) pathway called the mTOR pathway, which also stimulates muscle protein synthesis.

Increases Cellular Energy

Opus provides energy at a cellular level, as opposed to a nervous system spike generated by stimulant-based products. Instantized L-Glycine is used to help create muscle tissue and convert glucose into energy. Instantized Calcium and Sodium Bicarbonate decreases nitrogen excretion which lowers the net muscle catabolism and increases muscle growth. When combined with Beta Alanine and Citrulline Malate, Bicarbonate is an even more effective exercise and event performance enhancer.

Super Saturates Pumps

Citrulline Malate (CM) is a key ingredient in Opus. CM is heavily involved in the urea cycle in the kidneys. It helps remove the build-up of ammonia while being converted to arginine in the process which then releases Nitric Oxide (NO).

NO is a second messenger in the body which helps promote blood flow and increase nutrient update. Bodybuilders know NO for its ability to produce skin stretching pumps!

Delays Workout Fatigue

Instantized CarnoSyn® Beta Alanine increases strength, muscular endurance and allows you to train with greater intensity. It also helps activate enzymes responsible for generating muscle contractions. This allows you to train both longer and harder during every workout.

Amazing Workout with No Stimulants

Opus is formulated with Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients and is a 100% stimulant-free energy source. It’s advanced formula includes 16 of the most powerful, scientifically-proven performance ingredients in full clinical dosages. This makes Opus the perfect choice for training at any time of the day, especially at night!

Amazing New Taste. Scientifically-Backed Formula. Proven Results.




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