Something New is Brewing in the Magnum Lab

New Magnum supp July 2018

Something new is brewing in the Magnum Lab… and we can’t wait!

Here Are Some Hints to Help You Guess This New Supp:

  • The King Arrives: what does the King of the Jungle have to do with it???
  • This is something that EVERYONE can benefit from taking, no matter your fitness level or profession.
  • Use your brain to figure this one out 😉

What do you think it could be!? Comment below!




11 thoughts on “Something New is Brewing in the Magnum Lab

  1. Jill Ramjag says:

    lions mane mushroom. boost brain power, NGF, aids anxiety and depression, cognitive function, boosts energy, can help with alleviate neurogenic disease symptoms, supports gut health, improved insulin sensitivity, helps cardiovascular health. that’s my guess…. family members have dementia and I have been researching it….are you reading my mind 🤔

  2. Kaelen Kolb says:

    Its a nootropic brain boosting supplement. Which is awesome and I can’t wait to see how magnum formulates this product.

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