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Hard Muscle Builder best muscle building supplement

The reviews are flying in about Hard Muscle Builder!

Magnum’s Hard Muscle Builder hit the market back in September, and the feedback has been outstanding. Further proof that Hard Muscle Builder is not your standard HMB supplement.

“Update on Hard Muscle Builder. It’s been a week + 3 days… I just finished a crazy ab/leg workout and it’s like my whole body is now firing on all cylinders! It’s like I can see in my mind every muscle fiber pushing/pulling. After the workout, I’m mindful of my muscles moving… like I can almost see/feel the fibers flexing/contracting. One word… WOW! Without a shadow of a doubt, this is my favorite Muscle Builder! Hands down! Literally, a solid supplement!” – Serelito C. 


“Loving Hard Muscle Builder so far! My strength is through the roof and I just started my reverse diet! Love the way it makes me feel.” – Alana J.


“I’ve already noticed huge gains since I’ve been taking Hard Muscle Builder. Best muscle building supp out there!” – Kacey V.


“I Love Hard Muscle Builder! I’ve been taking it for 3 weeks now and I’m noticing major gains!” – Clara S.


“Hard Muscle Builder is incredible!! Just started using it and wow!! Pumps and strength are awesome! HMB has always worked well for me but this combo is on another level!” – Mark S.


Hard Muscle Builder combines 3 of the most innovative and patented ingredients for muscle and strength gains.

myHMB helps prevent muscle wasting and protein breakdown, improves exercise performance and reduces recovery time. In one human study using a 1.5g daily dose of HMB versus a placebo, the HMB group showed decreased muscle damage and protein degradation, a 13% increase in total weight lifted, and a 1.8lb gain in lean body mass in only three weeks!

The only standardized and patented form of Ashwagandha proven to produce significantly greater increases in muscle strength and size over placebo groups, as well as greater reductions in exercise-induced muscle damage.

Ketoisocaproate Calcium is a very powerful anti-catabolic ingredient that assists in muscle growth by changing the environment in your body from catabolic (muscle wasting) to anabolic (muscle building). PureKIC also greatly increases the effects of myHMB, as used in conjunction with Hard Muscle Builder.

Hard Muscle Builder is 100% Pharmaceutical Grade for better, faster results. Hard Muscle Builder also boosts your immune system, increases your testosterone levels, combats stress, and lowers the muscle-cannibalizing hormone Cortisol.

Now you can stay natural while achieving the lean muscular body you’ve always dreamt of having.

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