“Fixation Has Changed My Life” – Customer Testimonial

Fixation Testimonial

It’s that time of year where joint and muscle pain are in full force due to the extra cold weather. We can’t stress enough what a difference Fixation can make! We’ve received many wonderful customer reviews about Fixation over the years, but we HAD to share this one! Here is a lovely review from Robin S.

“My name is Robin. I’m 53 years old and I live in chronic pain….

Arthritis has basically crippled me in ways that have caused me so much sadness and depression.  I love hiking, cycling, fishing, walking, snow shoeing, anything to do with the outdoors. I have been overweight my whole life, but I have always been healthy, happy and full of contagious energy.  In the last probably 4 years my pain has caused me to have days, weeks and months of little activity and trying to deal with my pain.  My body hurts from the time I get up, all day every day until I go to bed… My sleep is disturbed because my pain wakes me up; so sleep is light and not satisfying.  I have to have pillows between my legs, my back and my sides depending on the position, it constantly changes with the pain level…

I have tried everything from aspercreme, absorbine jr (smell like my Ukrainian grandma) A-535, Voltaren, oh my god the list goes on… I have taken Aleve, Ibuprofen, Advil, Tylenol arthritis, and have on occasion, taken tylenol 1… you know the tylenol you have to ask the pharmacist for because it has 8mg of codeine in it…. Nothing has worked for me and I didn’t want to get prescription arthritis medication because I don’t want to have to take big pharma stuff . All those chemicals just don’t sit right with me…. My most recent experiment was with CBD oil without THC… Omgoodness it was amazing 920mg of CBD in the 30mg bottle.  I had 8 days with relatively low pain that was tolerable, but at a cost I could not continue to afford at 108.00 dollars for the little bottle. 

I decided to check out the Popeye’s Supplement store in Chilliwack B.C. to see if there was something that they carry for joint pain…. I met with a young lady named Allie, who was extremely knowledgeable with all the products her store carried…. She recommended that I try Fixation as it was getting some great reviews from athletes regarding joint pain, recovery after working out etc…So I decided to give it a try….. She told me to be patient with it, and give it a good two weeks being diligent to take it twice a day, two pills in the morning, and then two in the afternoon and she said I would start seeing results…

Okay so here’s the best part… Today it has been 10 days for me taking “Fixation“…. my chronic pain , hip pain, hands, jaw, shoulder pain , and foot pain has gone from 10++++++ off the scales pain, down to a dull roar…. I can walk down my stairs without hanging onto the wall and the railing… I can get dressed much easier now, as my leg pains (shooting leg and hip pain) have gone down to a tolerable level… I have not had to take any ibuprofen, tylenon, advil etc.. no creams or gels either.  We got a beautiful dog last year who needs tons of exercise, and I take him out for 2 to 4 hours every day, but I would be completely exhausted after and barely able to walk for the rest of the day.  I go out rain or shine  sleet, snow whatever the weather I go out every day. 

Today after only 10 days, I can walk with little pain.  I sleep better and longer (omg, this is amazing) because I don’t have the same level of pain.  I don’t need to keep changing position, and pad/brace myself with pillows when I go to bed.. I can bend, stretch, kneel down and get back up, even do a little dance around the kitchen when I’m cooking …hahahahaha …. I cannot tell you just how much HAPPINESS and relief Fixation has brought to my life…. having my mobility means that I can exercise again, I can go cycling this year, I can go hiking, and snow shoeing (next year), fishing, and having fun with our dog, our granddaughters, and together.

I feel motivated again, happy, excited about being alive again; and so very, very thankful.  I don’t know why I decided to check out supplements perhaps an angel watching over me? I’m just glad that I did.  I know your products are geared more towards the athletic type but I had to share my story with you… I am trying to hold back tears as I am writing this to you because this overwhelming thankfulness and gratitude is so heartfelt… I hope that this letter is getting my message to you, sometimes words fail to express what exactly you are trying to say… If I had to sum things up in just a few words, I would have to say, thank you for giving me my life back… I look forward to seeing how I am feeling in another ten days, if this is any indication I am certain my future looks pretty darn good….I may not be 100 percent pain free but again; these results in 10 days…. I’d say that’s a BIG BIG win…. Thank you again. Much love and big hugs to all of you…. from one very, very happy lady…. My heart is full of joy again.”

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