Magnum Officially Announces New Athlete Class: Magnum Masters Athlete’s

Magnum CEO Markus Kaulius welcomes the first Magnum Masters Athlete.

WHITE ROCK, July 25, 2019 /PRMagnum/ – Today, Magnum Nutraceuticals is proud to announce an exciting extension to Team Magnum. This collection of talented individuals consist of physiques that have truly withstood the difficult test of time. Being a member of this prestigious class is not only a testament to an athlete’s amazing physical stature, but is also a display of a competitor’s determination and commitment to their health; making them unicorns of the fitness industry. Here at Magnum we not only embrace, but reward these attributes. 

The Magnum Master class was not created out of necessity, it was developed out of obligation. As leaders in the supplemental health and nutrition industry, built on a foundation of integrity, we are excited to acknowledge those who have based their lives on the same foundation. These remarkable human beings have remained dedicated, pushed longer and harder than most athletes out there. Magnum CEO Markus Kaulius spoke of this new class of Magnum athlete: “I am so excited to honour and invite into my family these incredible athletes that love this fitness lifestyle and have proven that age is only a number and never an excuse.”

Magnum is proud to make their Magnum Masters Athlete’s debut by welcoming the first member to the team – Tanya Gordon, a national level Master’s Bikini competitor, a Popeye’s Ambassador, and a leader in her community.  Tanya is an exceptional testament to just what you can accomplish when you set not only your mind, but your body and soul as well, to a goal. “It was immediately clear for us that Tanya belonged in a class of her own” spoke Magnum Marketing Manager Zack Taylor. Inspired to create this class for Tanya and for those unicorns to come; long live the Magnum Masters Athlete Class.

For more information on this incredible class of athlete’s or to nominate someone you think may deserve to bear this title please contact

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