Pre-Fo Sparkling Refresher

These Pre-Fo Sparkling Refreshers are perfect for those summer days relaxing under the sun!

You may be thinking, isn’t Pre-Fo a pre-workout, used right before the gym? Think again!  Pre-Fo contains two different types of caffeine for a smoother and longer-lasting energy experience; which means no jitters or crash like other high stimulant products. As a result, you can sip on this refresher to keep you energized throughout your day. 


  • 4oz water
  • 2 scoops Candied Green Apple Pre-Fo
  • 1 can sparkling water
  • fresh lime to taste


  1. Mix Pre-Fo and water in a shaker cup
  2. Pour over ice
  3. Add sparkling water and lime
  4. Enjoy!

With just a few ingredients, they make for a great drink to have in hand all summer long. Change it up and use any of your other favourite Pre-Fo flavours in this tasty drink. Share your Pre-Fo Sparkling Refreshers with us using the hashtag #madewithmagnum.

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