A New Mouth-Watering Flavor added to Magnum’s Pre-Workout Lineup!

Pre Fo Peach Candy Reveal

A Punch of Peach Candy!

Surrey, BC, October 24, 2019 – Years ago, sports nutrition companies wouldn’t dare to step towards the candy or chocolate market. Today we see Nestlé partnering with nutrition companies, Hershey buying protein bar companies to strengthen their “morning and on-the-go nutrition” market, and even multivitamins being sold in the shape of gummy bears. Let’s face it; even a person into fitness and working out consistantly craves amazing flavours. Yesterday Magnum launched a new pre-workout flavor, Pre Fo® Peach Candy. In the anticipation of its launch, Magnum released a series of teasers on their Instagram that eventually led to a rumor behind its conception.

Peach Candy is not only one of Magnum HQ’s favorite candies, but it’s one of Canada’s most popular sweets! Candy District votes the flavor a top 10 retro or classic candy that will bring you back to the 1990s. It even brought Markus Kaulius, owner of Magnum Nutraceuticals, back to his early years saying, “Everyone loves peach candies. That taste brings you back to childhood the moment it hits your lips”.

Initially, this was a flavor that was supposed to be released during Pre Fo’s launch in October of 2017 but it took time to get the flavor profile just right. “Knowing that it would take people back, it took us over 2 full years to get this one perfect. I am confident this is the best-tasting pre-workout on the market,” Markus commented.

Pre Fo is an extremely concentrated and award-winning pre-workout powder that is guaranteed to increase the intensity of your workout from the very first serving. It’s proven to maximize energy, amplify focus, and increase muscle pumps. For more information check out our product page, stop by your local retailer, or find our full catalog here.

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