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Magnum Officially Announces New Athlete Class: Magnum Masters Athlete’s

Magnum CEO Markus Kaulius welcomes the first Magnum Masters Athlete. WHITE ROCK, July 25, 2019 /PRMagnum/ – Today, Magnum Nutraceuticals is proud to announce an exciting extension to Team Magnum. This collection of talented individuals consist of physiques that have truly withstood the difficult test of time. Being a member of this prestigious class is not […]

Read the Reviews on Hard Muscle Builder

Hard Muscle Builder best muscle building supplement

The reviews are flying in about Hard Muscle Builder! Magnum’s Hard Muscle Builder hit the market back in September, and the feedback has been outstanding. Further proof that Hard Muscle Builder is not your standard HMB supplement. “Update on Hard Muscle Builder. It’s been a week + 3 days… I just finished a crazy ab/leg […]

Rocket Science Will Blow You Away At The Very First Dose

Have you ever taken a pre-workout and felt awful through out your workout due to negative side effects? Nausea, gut rot, or feeling “gross” should not be associated with an energy and focus supplement. Be prepared to be blown away; Magnum Nutraceuticals has formulated a clinically proven supplement to increase your intensity, energy, focus, and […]

Why Am I A Magnum Sponsored Athlete – Erin McGoldrick

I started my day off with the new #purpleguavapear bang! Which bang flavor are you getting #allbangedup on today? #bangenergy #vpxsports #doitwithabang #philfit #flavor #purple #purplerain #soulgrateful #fitover40 #primegroupinsurance #arms A post shared by Phil Williams (@philfit) on Aug 15, 2017 at 5:24am PDT Congratulations to John and Brianne on your amazing #wedding we are […]

Magnum has The. Best. Customers. Ever. Hands down.

Magnum has The. Best. Customers. Ever. Hands down. Why do I love our customers? Where do I even start? They’re loyal:  They know that Magnum is the best and they won’t settle for anything else. They’re inquisitive:  they want to know everything there is to know about the latest the products, the newest ingredients. They’re […]

Why Am I A Magnum Sponsored Athlete – Brianna Harris

Out of the hundreds of supplement companies out there I am fortunate enough to have a sponsorship with Magnum Nutraceuticals. This didn’t come without hard work however. Fitness has been my passion for over half a decade, and I have four competitions under my belt. Before I began competing I pursued my passion for learning […]

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