Drip Dry, Pharmaceutical Grade Water Loss Agent, 90 capsules


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Advanced Water Loss Agent 

Magnum Drip Dry is the strongest water-loss system ever, giving you a lean and dry physique when you need it. Getting lean is difficult enough without having to guess about properly dropping your water weight on the day of your physique show, photoshoot, or vacation. Drip Dry takes the guesswork out of this process. 

Magnum Drip Dry is a next-generation natural water-shedding supplement, sparing your all-important anti-cramping electrolytes, while simultaneously acting as a powerful diuretic. Drip Dry’s powerful ingredients quickly target the subcutaneous water that blurs your muscularity and eliminates it one drip at a time. Drip dry leaves you with a dry, full physique every time, exposing high definition cuts, striations, and vascularity like never before. 

  • Reduces Water Weight
  • Eliminates Bloating
  • Protects Against Cramping
  • Defines Lean Muscle

Drip Dry is perfect for anyone who needs to prepare for their competition, photoshoot, special occasion, or vacation. 

Advanced Formula

Magnum Drip Dry eliminates the main problems that make other, non-competition strength natural diuretics inefficient. 

Pumps & Hydration

Magnum Drip Dry allows your body to rid itself of subcutaneous water while preserving the minerals and electrolytes needed for muscle pumps and hydration.

Zero Cramping

Magnum Drip Dry includes potassium and magnesium to regulate the amount of water and electrolytes in your muscle for optimal muscle function.

Recommended Dose: Take 1 serving (3 capsules), twice per day. One serving in the morning and one serving mid-afternoon. Don’t take for more than 14 days consecutively. 

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