Jade Atkinson | IFBB Pro | Team Magnum
Titles/Awards: IFBB Bikini Pro
Hometown: London, Ontario, Canada
Height: 5’6
Weight: 130lbs
Competition Class: Bikini

Have you been published in any magazines? If so, which?
Inside Fitness – Hot and Fit 100 – placed 2nd!
Fitness Gurls
Muscle Insider
Muscle Memory Magazine
Training and Fitness Magazine

Tell us about yourself. (Ex. your life growing up, hobbies and interests outside of fitness)
Growing up I always had a love for an active lifestyle. Playing competitive fastball, figure skating as well as coaching. I also grew up racing cars that go 180MPH, 7 seconds in a quarter mile – I LIVE for anything fast! I spend most of my time training my clients or spending time with my doggies.

Tell us your fitness story. (Ex. transformation story, competition history, what led you to the fitness industry, how did you start out?)
What are your favourite exercises and areas to work out?
Well, I could list a ton, but I will try to stick with my top 3 LOL!!

BB Glute Thrust
Rack Pulls + Deadlifts
Shoulder Press (DB, Military, Arnold you name it)

Why do you choose Magnum?
I was introduced to Magnum when I first started competing through my posing coach who was a Magnum athlete. I started using Quattro, OPUS + Heat, eventually Volume and DNA too. I was able to see firsthand what these products could do when combining with dedication and hard work. I’ve been using Magnum products for my entire fitness and competition journey because I trust the quality and I’ve seen the results. Furthermore, Magnum is FAR more then just a supplement company is a family filled with so many positive and amazing humans who have a true passion and drive for health and fitness.

Favourite Magnum supplements and why?
VOLUME!!!!!!!! – the best pump product EVER. I love the swollen pumped feeling I get from this product. It is INSANE!

MIMIC! – Love this product because it helps utilize carbs as energy. Also helps push carbs into muscle cells, in turn help give you a bigger pump, and gain lean muscle. I take this with ALL carb meals, and all cheat meals x 2 LOL

PRE-FO – I am obsessed with this pre-workout. Not only does it taste INSANELY good, it gives me some SERIOUS energy and focus. I also get an amazing pump from this product too

PRIMER – it’s a one-stop shop and gives me everything I need in one little package. I can take this rather than going and buying a multi, digestive enzyme, omegas, etc), and there are so many other benefits, hydration, brain function,

What are your goals for the future?
My biggest goals are to enhance and grow my health and fitness business. I thrive on helping other people make positive changes in their life, creating a much more confident person inside and out.

What advice can you give to anyone that wants to take control of their health?
You control you, and you CAN achieve absolutely anything you set your mind too. REMEMBER to have patience, be consistent and give it time. Nothing happens overnight, and your mindset really is everything.

Why do you choose Performance Panties?
I chose Performance Panties because they are amazing undies for both every day and gym life. I have 3 different wardrobes, so when I can find something that works for both the gym and everyday function you can count me in. The thermo-regulating fabric keeps them from feeling wet, cold and yucky from sweat!

Favourite style and why?
Thong thong thong thong thong!!!
I love the fit, style, and they work with ALL my pants, shorts, crops, dresses and skirts!!!!

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