“Like many kids with low self-esteem, I went through a rough stage of being bullied. I was blessed to find the gym and my whole life was transformed. I quickly moved onto a healthy path in life – one with more confidence and self-worth. I realized that this is what I want to do with my life – help others find this same positive path that I had found. A path capable of changing everything.”

Markus started in the supplement industry in 1999, selling sports nutrition to his friends. “My friends would literally sit on my bed as I described what to take, how to take it and what they could expect”. His focus on health and devotion to the fitness lifestyle lead to immediate success and he was asked to rep for a large sports nutrition company. He returned to retail 18 months later by opening a successful sports nutrition store, which quickly became three stores.

“I began to struggle with the lack of integrity and consistency I saw in the brands. Sometimes you would get results, other times you saw nothing.” He saw a niche opening in the industry for a premium brand. In January 2005, he decided to instill his trust in himself when it came to quality and integrity, and so Magnum was born.

“Since inception, Magnum has always and will always stand for integrity. I have integrity on the forefront of my mind with every decision I make. This is why we search the globe to ensure that all ingredients in our formulas are Pharmaceutical Grade, our formulas are 100% backed by science and our results are 100% guaranteed.”

Markus continues to believe in living the health and fitness lifestyle. He trains 10 times per week and can be found pushing weights, spinning or flipping tires, or hanging from the rafters on any given day.

“Exercise is key to enjoying life. I love to sweat. I love to de-stress and unleash on the weights after a full day at the office. I also believe in practicing what I preach. I reach for Magnum supplements every day because I trust them to provide the fuel I need.” “I will never forget why I started Magnum – to change lives. I want to create a healthier, happier human race and Magnum will help get us there.”

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