Rachel sales manager

Magnum Nutraceuticals welcomes back Rachel Killam as their new Sales & Account Relationship Manager. Returning to Magnum after taking a step back from the team in 2015, she’s excited to take on a new and exciting role.

Rachel began her career with Magnum back in 2011 as a social media and athlete coordinator. Her position grew into a sales role and she quickly became one of Magnum’s top sales representatives. She would leave the team in 2015 and in that time she further developed her sales skill set. She’s extremely proud to have recently earned her IFBB Pro Figure Card at the 2018 Vancouver Pro/AM. She aims to compete in her first IFBB Pro show in 2019.

“I am very excited to be back here at Magnum and really look forward to helping our sales team and brand reach new heights”, said Killam. “The opportunity to learn and grow with the help from Markus and Bert is one I am very grateful for. It’s amazing to see how much the brand and team have grown since I was last here and it’s definitely an exciting time to come onboard.”

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