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Women’s “Thong” Performance Panties

When you talk, we listen! Keep posting and reviewing Performance Panties to help us help you! What would you like to see next??

Manufactured in Canada with versatile bamboo fabric these panties are hypo-allergenic, thermo-regulating, fast drying and anti-bacterial – benefiting you no matter what your trade, sport or hobby. Comprised of our signature bamboo blend (66% bamboo, 28% cotton and 6% spandex) you’ll wonder where we’ve been your whole life. Why cotton you ask? It helps to reduce lingering odours that synthetic fabrics can hold after several wears and with a dash of spandex our panties will stretch to form fit to your body. Wear them, wash them, repeat and repeat these little solders will battle every wear and wash while remaining the same shape and colour you fell in love with from day one. These performance-inspired thong style panties are the highest quality, best fitting, most comfortable women’s underwear on the market. Not only that but each and every pair of panties are closely inspected and hand packaged for quality reassurance because Performance Panties cares that you receive only the best. Designed with athletes in mind we have created the most comfortable and functional athletic underwear you’ll ever find, you will want to make these a staple for everyday life. No longer will you have to pick wisely for squat day or stop to re-adjust your delicates when you’ve got Performance Panties. This athletic underwear is built for sweat, intense movement, and to complement your athletic wear so you can focus on your goals, not your discomfort. But we didn’t stop there! Who wants ugly underwear? We’ve got fashion covered with these thong style panties you can wear them anywhere with any outfit, whether that’s at yoga, on the field or out on the town, Performance Panties has you covered six ways from Sunday. From bodybuilder or ballet dancer, firefighter to house back rider, whether you're always on the run or just a casual day in. Why settle for average when you can give your bits the best! Trust us you’ll want to save your old underwear for laundry day because you’ll never want to leave the house without your Performance Panties!

Note: Due to the nature of the natural bamboo fabric, some panty colours will fit slightly different than others.

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