WBFF 2018 North American Champion
WBFF 2016 Top 3 Pro Fitness Model
Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
Tulum Strength Club Co-Owner
Magnum 2017 Coach of the Year

Hometown: Tulum, Mexico
Height : 6’
Weight : 190 to 210 lbs

Competition Class: WBFF Pro Fitness Model

Have you been published in any magazines? If so, which?
Status Fitness Magazine
Muscle Insider Magazine

Tell us about yourself.

Born and raised in the suburb of Montreal, Quebec I grew up a fan of the Montreal Canadians. I started playing hockey from a very young age and played to junior level stopping at age 18.From there, weight training took the most of my time and became my main passion; I quickly discovered that I wanted this to be an integral part of my life… 17 years later and I am living my dream working with some of the Best Physique Athletes in the industry!

Tell us your fitness story.

Again, at age 18, I was honestly a little lost about my future and what/where I wanted to do in my life; I quit school and besides training in the gym and feeling good about myself in those moments, nothing much else was exciting. At age 20, I decided to give myself a chance and applied in a local gym in my hometown. I was fortunate enough to be hired and this passion of a better health kept growing and growing! To the point that I knew exactly what I wanted to do in life and it was to show how fitness lifestyle can be empower both from a physical and psychological standpoint! At age 26, I got introduced into my first Bodybuilding Preparation and competition from my Training Mentor Olympian and Olympian Strength Coach Yannik Morin.I got hooked from Day 1 and now it is what I love and specialized in.

What are your favourite exercises and areas to work out?

The Big 3 Squat, Bench, Deadlift. I am a big fan of the science and application of powerlifting. Also, obviously anything that is related to natural bodybuilding from the training application, hormonal system and nutrition.

Why do you choose Magnum?

Simply put – Pharmaceutical Grade products and a company with integrity. This supplement line works. Moreover, Magnum’s President Markus Kaulius lives and breathes fitness!

Favourite Magnum supplements and why?

My favourite Magnum Supplements are:

THRUST: for the ability to recover, sleep better and get stronger in the gym both in Building and Cutting Season.

OPUS: for its ability to quickly recover from one set to the next intra workout and between workouts as well.

ROCKET SCIENCE: for not only its ability to focus, go forever in the gym as well as how great you are feeling!

What are your goals for the future?

Becoming WBFF Pro Fitness Model World Champion! Sharing alongside my beautiful wife Michelle MacDonald my passion for fitness and working with some of the best natural athletes in Physique/Powerlifting Competitions.

What advice can you give to anyone that wants to take control of their health?

Find a goal that will excite and push you! Whether it’s wanting to play with your kids to jumping into a CrossFit competition, a goal that will become a must and will have a significant on your habits such as food choices, sleep patterns and stress management!

Instagram Handle: @JeanJacquesBarrett

Facebook URL: @jeanjacques.barrett

Jean-Jacques Barrett's favorite supplements


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Posing Routine of The 2018 WBFF LA International Champion Jean-Jacques Barrett. Video curtesy of WBFF Official Stage Photographer and Stage Posing Coach Tony Harrison. For more infos about The WBFF:


I recently had a killer workout and interview with two amazing athletes, coaches, entrepreneurs – Jean-Jacques Barrett and Michelle MacDonald.I love how these two are so committed to living a healthy, Magnum-style lifestyle.

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