1st Wbff Muscle Model World Champion in 2011
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Body Transformation Specialist
17+ years industry experience
300,000+ lbs. lost by clients in 73 countries globally
Cover Model
Fitness Model
HitchFit Owner

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri USA
Height : 6’
Weight : 215 lbs

Where have you been published?
15 National/Global Covers
100+ Pages in National/Global Fitness Magazines
3 Reality TV Shows
Over 100 TV Appearances

Tell us about yourself.

Growing up as an only child, raised by a mother and being insecure about being skinny, drove me to want different in my life. I would not take any of it back though, I had to go through the struggle and resistance to get to the success and self growth.It helped shape me into what I am today and gave me the tangibles in helping impact other people lives daily.

My drive, focus and determination from as young as I could remember set me up for success but also taught me that literally anything is possible if you believe and make the positive choices.
I loved sports growing up, playing Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Basketball and Track. Outside of athletics, the single 2 most important things in my life are my Faith in Jesus Christ which is my foundation and my Amazing Wife that deals with my deep obsession with transforming people and video games!
A hidden hobby I have is I am a huge video gamer. Still at my age I play as often as my schedule will allow. There is something about wanting to save the world (even in video games), seeing the good guy/girl prevailing that keeps me coming back.Zelda and Final Fantasy happen to be a few of my favorites, yes, I am a video game nerd that happens to lift weights and drink lots of Quattro Protein. I can talk fitness and video games all day long!

Tell us your fitness story.

I grew up athletic but very skinny. I remember watching guys like Van Damme in some of my favorite movies Bloodsport/ Kickboxer and thinking one day I am going to get a body like that!! I started my journey soon after getting to college in 1997 at the humbling weight of 138 lbs.I was clueless about nutrition and weightlifting but over the course of the next 5 years I spent 1000’s of hours learning the inside and out of my body and this lifestyle. In 2000 I started helping my friends transform their bodies and soon found out that my passion was to help transform the world, one person at a time. In 2002 I started fitness modeling. Over the course of the next 15 years I landed 15 National/Global Covers, 100+ Pages in National/Global Fitness Magazines, 3 Reality Tv Shows, over 100 Tv Appearances and became the 1st Wbff Muscle Model World Champion in 2011. If a skinny kid from Kansas can do this, anything is possible. Markus Kaulius can relate to this story as his is very similar.

What are your favourite exercises and areas to work out?

Calves are by far my favorite muscle group to train. I grew up with very skinny legs, so skinny that an adult that was close to my family used to call me “chicken legs”. It drove me nuts but also fueled me early on to make the changes needed so that would not happen again. I love seated calf dropsets, starting at 300+ lbs and absolutely destroying them. Arm day and chest day are also up there. Guillotine Chest Press, Preacher Curl and Skull Crushers being some of my favorites!! Temp Training, Tabata, Drop sets, Negatives. I love it all.

Why do you choose Magnum?

Simply put- there is no better supplements on the planet. I am a Magnum Athlete/Trainer but even more important a Magnum Partner. They are family to me and Hitch Fit. I go to bed every night knowing my clients around the world are getting the best quality. Magnum and Hitch Fit are the perfect match!!

Favourite Magnum supplements and why?


I am sorry I could not just choose a few, they are all awesome. I take them daily which leads to insane workouts, recovery and my body feeling great. The New PreFO is INSANE too!!

What are your goals for the future?

I have so many goals both personally and for Hitch Fit. Personally, this year my wife and I are planning on getting in the best shape of our lives, hoping to land some publications and some new updated pics/video with Magnum!
For Hitch Fit we are planning on expanding not only in the Kansas City area but also online. Our long- term goal would be to help clients lose over 1 million lbs+. My wife and I are working on a few books, one of them being my life story, I hope to use that to impact many people.
Giving back in Haiti is a big part of our lives.Right now, we support a school of 100+ children, we want to expand on this and would love to one day help build another school for them or orphanage.
To sum things up I wake up each day getting to follow my passion which is helping as many people as possible transform their lives and walk by faith through Jesus Christ, that in itself is a blessing!! I set goals but sometimes he has different plans, so I let him run the ship and do my best to keep up!! Love, Pray, Laugh and Lift.That’s what got me here and I am sticking with it!!

What advice can you give to anyone that wants to take control of their health?

My advice is to be ready for change, hard work and proper nutrition.It can be scary and create fear, but I am telling you to crush those fears, crush those negative thoughts and take control.It will be the best choice of your life if you do. You are worth it and deserve to be healthy and happy.Now go make it happen and make a positive impact on this world and those around you.

Gym/Company: HitchFit

Instagram Handle: @MicahLaCerte, @MrHitchFit

Facebook URL: @HitchFit

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INSANE 14-year 80 lb Muscle Gain from Skinny to World Champ Muscle Model

Wanted to share with you the very beginning of my journey and some of the ups and downs throughout.You can achieve anything in your life, i am living proof of that!!!Yes its can be done naturally, its taken me half my life.

This video was not created in vain or to be like LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME.We transform people across the globe and my main goal of this video was to inspire others to achieve their goals.I am confident enough in my own life to not need constant reassurance from people I do not know!!

Showing Off My Abs- 7 days Before Competition

Im 7 days out before the Wbff Worlds and a took a small video of where I am at right when I woke up in the am.Now its time to really dial everything in.. Doing low carb for 4-5 more days followed by a load.I am drinking about 2 gallons of water per day on avegare right now and will drop it a bit as it gets closer as well as my sodium.Stepping on stage is about Perfect timing.I worked very hard in the offseason to add muscle and should step on stage about 12 lbs of muscle bigger.Thanks for following!!

Day 1 of the Getting RIPPED Phase!! 😁💪 216 lbs, 34 1/2
Day 1 of the Getting RIPPED Phase!! 😁💪 216 lbs, 34 1/2" stomach. . ➡️ Goal #1 get to 210 lbs and drop about 2" off my stomach and 3 to 5% body fat in 6 weeks. . Its important for me to share where I am at from the start even though this is not my best condition as it's too often that all that is shown is the after picture or when someone is in tip top shape. I want to show the insane amount of dedication require to go from good shape to great shape.. I was planning on hitting about 220 lbs before cutting but change of plan came with an opportunity. . There will be 2 Big Preps throughout the next 3.5 months. The 1st one is a 6 week prep which came from an opportunity that was completely unexpected but something Diana and I have never done.. There will be a Huge Platform to spread our message. . The 2nd Goal is the Magnum Photoshoot round 2, which means getting in the best shape of my life and doing it at 40 years old. That is about 3.5 months away. I want to get to 6% body fat dexa scanned which is 1% lower than last time!!.. . The best part of all of this is I get to prep along side my wife Diana Chaloux LaCerte. When we make the commitment then it is 100%, supporting and pushing each other along the way. So much Growth happens each time we do this which make every step, every rep and every meal all worth it. . The underlying motivation through this is to help inspire and motive all of you!!! . Here we go... . Want to transform the same time I am going through my prep? . Work with me online ➡️ . Save $40 off with promo code APRIL40