The World’s Cleanest Protein!

Quattro is designed for active men and women who want clean, high-quality protein in delicious flavours that are smooth and enjoyable to drink.

4 Protein Isolates
Magnum Quattro is formulated with 4 pure protein isolates. Isolates are the highest-quality protein sources available, filtered to remove as much fat, lactose, and other non-protein constituents as possible.

Time-Release Blend
Magnum Quattro supplies the maximum amount of fast-releasing isolates your body can use per hour and supports that with slow-release sources to trickle amino acids into your bloodstream over the next 6 hours.

Formulated For Everyone
Magnum Quattro’s formula is gluten-free, peanut-free, dye-free, and perfect for those with lactose sensitivities. We guarantee zero gas or bloating.