Hardcore 808 Nutrition Co. Owner

Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Height : 5’6″
Weight : 144lbs

Tell us about yourself.

I’m 48 years young. Parent of 3, Grandfather of 2 and loving life! I started my young adult life as a dancer/singer in a boy band in the 80’s!

I have been an entrepreneur since the 90’s! Having partnerships in an upholstery shop, recording studio/record company, various night clubs and having the best night club promotion company on the Island!

I currently own a supplement store called Hardcore 808 Nutrition Co. I love helping our customers reach their fitness goals!

Tell us your fitness story.

I’ve always been a thin (well let’s be honest I was a very skinny little kid) growing up. I had a very hard time putting on muscle. I also had a bigger chest that I always thought it looked more like women breasts. One day I looked down and said I can do something with this chest, so I started to work out and WOW I was hooked. That was in 1994 and I haven’t stopped working out since!

What are your favourite exercises and areas to work out?

Obviously, it started off with Chest, then transformed to loving legs but mainly now I love doing it all! I feel so good training all the different areas and can’t get enough of it.

Why do you choose Magnum?

Magnum has helped me reach my best physique EVER! Seriously, I feel and believe the ingredients and the science behind Magnum is 100% truth.

Favourite Magnum supplements and why?

My favourite Magnum Supplements are:

Holy smokes that’s such a hard question! How do you choose 1 when they all are my favorite!? If I was stuck on an island (which ironically, I am on an island). I’d choose what I love to call, the Basic 3.


What are your goals for the future?

To get published in magazines, and to open another Hardcore 808 Nutrition Co!

What advice can you give to anyone that wants to take control of their health?

If you want things in your life to change, you need to change things in your life. This a broad answer that can related to everything in life. So maybe you want to get fit and healthy, look at what your eating. …Have the foods you’ve been eating been helping you achieve the body you want? Probably not. So, change the way you eat. Apply this way of thinking and start actively making the change.

Instagram Handle: @p_t_pablo

Facebook: @petelanting

Peter Lantings favorite supplements


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The Perfect Isolated Protein Formula

4 High-Quality Isolate Proteins!

  • 4 different sources of Isolate protein for timed digestion*
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  • Aids in achieving leaner and denser muscles*


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The World’s 1st 100% Encapsulated Performance Pack

Build Your Foundation!

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Canada’s #1 Testosterone Booster

Pharmaceutical Grade Male Amplifier!

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  • Recovery through increased protein synthesis*


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Anabolic Strength Activator

Increase Strength in 3 Days!

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  • Improved raw strength & explosive power*
  • Reduced ammonia build up in your muscle cells*
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The Strongest Muscle Builder.

All Natural Lean Muscle Gainer!

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  • Increases Reps and Energy*
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A high-grade version of l-glutamine

Pharmaceutical Grade Glutamine!

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