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       Magnum Brawn Protein 2lbs 

      • GLUTEN FREE PROTEIN POWDER: Our gluten free and kosher bodybuilding protein powder is perfect for men and women who want to add high volumes of protein, amino acids, and healthy fat to their diet.
      • POST WORKOUT RECOVERY DRINK: With essential amino acids, high-quality fat derived from MCT oil, and high amounts of protein, this powder delivers all of the components you need for muscle building.
      • ENERGY BOOST: Brawn powder can be used as a pre-workout or post-workout supplement. It's designed to improve metabolic function, mental and physical performance, and boost energy.
      • PROTEIN PANCAKE MIX: Add this mix to your breakfast shake or bake muffins, pancakes, and other high-protein creations. It's gluten-free so you can bake protein bars for a healthy, natural snack.
      • NATURAL NUTRACEUTICALS: This blend of nutraceuticals contains only the most pure ingredients — no peanut, no gluten, and low lactose levels. It contains only what you need for the best results.

       Thrust Male Amplifier  

      Greater Muscle Growth, Deeper Sleep and Enhanced Recovery!

      Thrust supports and will drastically improve natural testosterone production, even if it’s been suppressed by aging, the use of pro-hormones, steroids, or stress. In addition, Thrust includes a very potent anti-aromatase technology that is specifically designed to decrease estrogen and DHT levels.

      Thrust has been named Canada’s #1 Test Booster by Canada’s leading sports supplement retailer for very good reasons. The Thrust formula is so complete that its positive effects can often be felt within the first 5 days of use! These effects include increased strength, libido, recovery, energy as well as incredibly deep sleep and vivid dreams.


      • Increases testosterone
      • Reduces bad estrogen
      • Improves strength and endurance
      • Enhances libido
      • Promotes deep, restful sleep
      • Accelerates recovery time

       Hard Muscle Builder 

      The Perfect All Natural Lean Muscle Gainer

      When Hard Muscle Builder is combined with high intensity weight training, your gains will be quicker and greater than ever before! This is no generic HMB supplement. Hard Muscle Builder is a sophisticated anabolic HMB formulation, utilizing only the highest quality ingredients proven to build more lean muscle, produce more reps, and reduce muscle damage.

      Hard Muscle Builder also boosts your immune system, increases testosterone levels and combats stress by lowering muscle-cannibalizing hormone Cortisol. Stay natural while achieving the lean, muscular body you’ve always dreamt of having!


      • Builds more muscle
      • Reduces muscle damage
      • Increases testosterone
      • Lowers Cortisol (stress hormone)
      • Boosts immune system

       Big C Iso-Creatine Matrix 

      • ALL-NATURAL CREATINE: Magnum Nutraceuticals’ Big C offers 4 of the most innovative, bio-available forms of creatine including the latest ethyl ester technology. Ethyl ester creatine is so groundbreaking because it is the first creatine form to pass the blood-brain barrier, thus effectively saturating every cell in the body with a larger dose of creatine.
      • BUILD MUSCLE FAST: Big C is perfect for men and women looking to get those muscle gains fast. This supplement is for those athletes who want to gain lean muscle mass without the bloat. Creatine regenerates the primary energy immediately available to muscles involved in the short, intense contractions that occur while lifting weights. At the same time, the herbals work to burn fat.
      • ELIMINATE WATER WEIGHT: This bulk-up supplement will give you the muscular look that every physique competitor and bodybuilder wants. Big C effectively helps you achieve the muscle mass you want while eliminating water retention because of the varied absorption rates of the creatines combined along with its unique blend of herbs, adaptogens, and absorption agents.
      • UNIQUE INGREDIENTS: These dietary supplements are formulated with quality ingredients that are known for their beneficial effects on supporting weight loss and energy levels. Their unique formula is loaded with a variety of performance-enhancing ingredients including creatine isolate, creatine pyruvate, creatine AKG, tri-creatine malate, Russian tarragon, Panax ginseng, and astragalus root.
      • USE WITH WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PLAN: To start losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle, we recommend that you use our fat burner pill in conjunction with a weight management plan. Eating healthy, having less caloric intake, and getting sufficient exercise can help you find the best results. Reach your weight loss goals today with Big C!