A Dietitian’s Thoughts on NEKTR

A Dietitian’s Thoughts on NEKTR

Andy de Santis, Registered Dietitian

For the longest time, superfoods and greens supplements were truly not on my radar. Coming from a nutrition nerd like me, that’s kind of surprising to hear.

But a few things happened in close proximity that shifted this:

  1. I made a 2024 resolution to hydrate better even though I don’t LOVE plain water
  2. I started working with Magnum on ÄRA before the eventual and delicious launch of NEKTR
  3. I read a fascinating scientific study showing the benefits of drinking powdered kale mixed with water


Let’s pause on the third one for a moment. In 2023, Frontiers In Nutrition published a study demonstrating that powdered kale improved bowel regularity and the gut microbiome profile over a four-week period. This caught my attention because it represents tangible evidence that beneficial compounds in powdered form can meaningfully influence human health.

That brings me to NEKTR - which contains leafy kale by the way.
Let me take my dietitian’s hat off for a second and simply say that NEKTR gets me excited to drink more water. Putting my dietitian’s hat back on – and for those who don’t know my work - I'm fascinated by unique compounds found in only a few foods yet play a role in enhancing human health.


Here are some real standouts in NEKTR:

  1. Flaxseed oilthe richest source of the potently anti-inflammatory Omega-3 ALA
  2. Inulin, barley seed; dandelion leaf - known prebiotics which boost our gut bacteria
  3. Parsleyone of few foods that contain flavones, unique compounds with potential benefits to liver health
  4. Green tea leaf extract - green tea contains unique polyphenol compounds with known potential to reduce inflammation and boost our healthy gut bacteria
  5. Quercetina potently anti-inflammatory antioxidant from the flavonoid family, found in very few foods


And here’s why they are standouts:

  1. They have demonstrated potential to improve relevant aspects of human health
  2. They are incredibly easy to miss out on unless someone’s diet is extraordinarily balanced and diverse


For these reasons, among others, NETKR is part of my routine whether my dietitian’s hat is on or off.

Andy the RD

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