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Prevents muscle breakdown


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The most potent muscle booster for natural athletes. Even on a low-calorie diet, it ensures lean muscle retention. It features 3 patented ingredients for increased strength, stress reduction. Elevate your workouts and accelerate recovery while maintaining a natural, lean physique with Hard Muscle Builder.
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Supplement Facts

Intended Use:

  • Maintain lean mass while dieting
  • Reduce the stress of weight cuts for athletes needing to get into a weight class
  • Improve subjective well-being and reduce anxiety


  • On training days, take 3 capsules immediately after training
  • On non-training days, take 3 capsules in the morning upon waking


  • myHMB, a patented version of HMB that boosts protein synthesis and reduces muscle damage and breakdown.
  • myHMB increases the muscle building effects of plant-proteins
  • KSM-66 Ashwagandha reduces stress, stress-related food cravings, and improves sleep quality
  • KSM-66 increases strength, endurance, and immune function, and may increase testosterone production by decreasing cortisol.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The true hard muscle builder

I used this product in my bulk. I definitely feel an increase in strength and recovery. I also noticed I get better sleep if I take a pill before bed which is a great side effect!
Highly recommend.

Great product!

Love this product! Makes such a huge difference.

Savanah Cummins
Best PREP product !

I have been using HMB for a few months and I LOVE it ! Now with being in PREP for my first bodybuilding competition I definitely see a difference ! Not only do I have more strength to crush my workouts but my muscle recover quicker! Im more lean & muscles are alot more noticeable ! 10/10 highly recommend !

Diana Rdz
My all time favourite

I absolutely love HMB, I’ve been taking this since 3 yrs ago (cycling obviously) and the results are amazing, muscle is leaner and more noticeable, also less soreness from the workout and recovery time is a lot faster.


I absolutely love hmb. I’ve seen amazing results with hmb. My muscle is leaner, harder and everything is more tight. Helps me with energy and motivation in the gym!! Best part is I noticed results after 1 bottle!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stack this with Thrust?

Since both products contains KSM-66 Ashwagandha, we do not recommend you stack them. If you are choosing between Hard Muscle Builder and Thrust, we recommend Thrust for overall sexual health, and Hard Muscle Builder if you’re solely focused on physique related goals.

The label says to split my dosage, but I keep forgetting to take the capsules. Is there any problem to taking them all at once?

Great question! In order to remember to take all the capsules, we recommend that you take the full serving of 3 capsules immediately after training. This will help reduce your cortisol levels after training and kickstart the recovery process.