Balancing School, Work, & Competition Prep like a Champion

Balancing School, Work, & Competition Prep like a Champion

Magnum Athlete and Men’s Physique Champion Chris Mantovani embodies what it means to live the Magnum lifestyle. While striving to achieve his physique, career, and personal goals, Chris shows incredible discipline and dedication. Chris is currently studying Digital Marketing while working at Popeye’s Supplements Canada. He balances work and school with his strict training routine and online coaching business.

Magnum Athlete Chris Mantovani

We interviewed Chris just a week before he took the stage at the 2021 Toronto Pro SuperShow where he earned second place in the Men’s Physique Division. He took us through how he approaches and structures his day to achieve his goals.

A Day in Chris’ Life

Chris’ day starts at 8:30 am as he makes his way to the gym for a 30 minute fasted cardio session on the treadmill. By 9:30 am, he is back home and preparing his first meal: 40g of oats with 15g of chia seeds and four eggs.

Chris will dive into some school work and client work before heading into his noon shift at Popeye’s Supplements Canada. Chris is currently enrolled in five classes, and he uses Magnum’s nootropic supplement, Mane Brain, to dial in and focus.

As a longtime Magnum Athlete and Popeye’s employee, Chris knows the benefits of proper supplementation. He spends his day at Popeye’s advising clients on how they can reach their fitness goals with supplement support.

Chris will have his second and third meals at work, consisting of lean proteins, clean carbs, and vegetables. For the second meal, Chris enjoys 150g of chicken breast, 250g of sweet potatoes, and asparagus. The third meal is 150g of white fish, 150g of rice, and greens.

Magnum Athlete Chris Mantovani

Before he leaves work at 7:00 pm, he will fuel up on 60g of oats and a scoop of Magnum Quattro protein to prepare him for his workout.

By 8:00 pm, Chris is training at the gym, and his workouts will vary depending on the day of the week.

Monday Back and Biceps
Tuesday Chest and Triceps
Wednesday Shoulders and Calves
Thursday Rest Day
Friday Leg Day
Saturday Chest and Shoulders
Sunday Rest Day

Before training, Chris will use Magnum Volume Capsules, Fasted Cardio, and Hard Muscle Builder as his pre-workout stack. He wraps up every weight training session with some cardio.

Chris is back home by 10:30 pm, when he will have his last post-workout meal featuring 150g of chicken breast and 250g of rice, a body-building staple. This brings his daily totals to about 2500 calories.

For how much he does in a day, it’s vital for Chris to prioritize rest. He allocates two days a week for active rest, where he enjoys going on walks outdoors or on the treadmill.

Magnum Athlete Chris Mantovani

Chris keeps his days full and structured to work towards his goals. Seeing his progress every week keeps him motivated as he continues to get closer to achieving his Pro Card.

For someone embarking on their competition journey for the first time, Chris recommends building a strict plan, getting a coach, and celebrating every win - no matter how big or small. Celebrating small achievements gives you the momentum to push through the more challenging periods.

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