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Prevents muscle breakdown


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The most potent muscle booster for natural athletes. Even on a low-calorie diet, it ensures lean muscle retention. It features 3 patented ingredients for increased strength, stress reduction. Elevate your workouts and accelerate recovery while maintaining a natural, lean physique with Hard Muscle Builder.

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Magnum Hard Muscle Builder is the strongest muscle builder for natural athletes. When Hard Muscle Builder is combined with high-intensity weight training, your gains will be quicker and more consistent than ever before. On a low-calorie diet, Hard Muscle Builder will allow you to retain more lean muscle throughout your diet. 

Magnum Hard Muscle Builder is formulated with 3 of the most innovative and patented ingredients for muscle and strength gains, combats stress, and lowers the muscle-cannibalizing hormone, cortisol. Now you can stay natural while achieving a lean muscular body with Hard Muscle Builder. 

  • Builds More Muscle
  • Increases Reps & Energy
  • Enhances Recovery

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Customer Reviews

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Dieting Necessity

I am so happy I have this supplement in my arsenal! We work way to hard to build muscle, so when it comes time to cut- I’m going to do everything I can to keep as much as I can! HMB helps tremendously! I also FEEL so good when I take this supplement- my muscles, my mood and my immune system notice the difference!

Loving hard muscle builder.

Loving hard muscle builder. It is so tough as a woman to put on muscle mass and this is really helping! I find I can go longer and harder with this and my recovery is much better!

Casey Veroba
My goal is to

My goal is to put muscle on and Hard Muscle Builder has really helped with this! And as a female I've really noticed more energy and lean muscle gains!! I love that it creates a perfect environment in the body for building muscle by lowering stress and anxiety. This has helped with my muscle recovery too! Overall great product - Highly recommend it!

Carter Perran
Hard Muscle Builder is

Hard Muscle Builder is one of my favourite products from Magnum! I was taking it with a few other products so it was hard to specify the effects. Only when I finished the bottle I noticed that it definitely was increasing my reps, helping with muscle soreness, and even pack on a bit more muscle. I did find that it altered my mood a bit but after I looked it up, I believe it's from an increase in testosterone levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stack this with Thrust?

Since both products contains KSM-66 Ashwagandha, we do not recommend you stack them. If you are choosing between Hard Muscle Builder and Thrust, we recommend Thrust for overall sexual health, and Hard Muscle Builder if you’re solely focused on physique related goals.

The label says to split my dosage, but I keep forgetting to take the capsules. Is there any problem to taking them all at once?

Great question! In order to remember to take all the capsules, we recommend that you take the full serving of 3 capsules immediately after training. This will help reduce your cortisol levels after training and kickstart the recovery process.