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Mood-boosting thermogenic


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The top-rated fat burner. Infused with 30 powerful ingredients, it harnesses thermogenesis and natural stimulants to promote fat burning. Experience smooth, sustained energy, mobilize body fat for energy, and accelerate your metabolism with this award-winning formula. Achieve the body you've always wanted with Heat Accelerated!
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Supplement Facts

Intended Use:

  • Increase energy & motivation
  • Aid in weight management
  • Boost wakefulness and alertness


  • On training days, take 1-3 capsules in the morning, and 1-3 capsules before training
  • On non-training days, take 1-3 capsules in the morning and 1-3 capsules in the afternoon.
  • Start with 1 capsule to assess tolerance. After 1 week, you may increase the dose to 2 capsules, then 3 capsules if tolerable.


  • 27 ingredient blend of multiple ingredients, including natural extracts
  • Seven sources of naturally occurring caffeine
  • Guarana, a natural source of caffeine with cognitive benefits
  • Bitter orange, a natural stimulant that increases metabolic rate
  • Yerba mate, a source of caffeine that improves cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • Grapefruit extract that enhances the effect of caffeine and other stimulants
  • Cayenne to boost core temperature



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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Ileana Martinez

I’ve been taking HEAT for a week now and can see the difference in my workouts! My go to for cardio days and the sweat is REAL!!


Nothing short of amazing

Kendall Kershaw
One of my FAVORITE

One of my FAVORITE Magnum Supps of all time. I dont know what I would do if this stuff wasn't around anymore LOL!! Heat gives me energy to get through my workouts, and makes me sweat SO MUCH. Crank up da heat!!

I love HEAT! It

I love HEAT! It is my go to product for burning unwanted stubborn fat. I’ve tried other fat burners before and nothing has compared to the results I get from HEAT. I get a wicked sweat during my workouts, focus and don’t feel weird or jittery like other fat burners.

Karine Mailhot
Quand je me prépare

Quand je me prépare pour un événement ou juste pour être prête pour la saison bikini, Heat fait toujours partie de stack! Heat augmente la dépense calorique quotidienne, c’est un excellent brûleur de gras! Il suffit de quelques jours pour voir des résultats avec un entrainement et plan alimentaire adapté!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been taking this product for awhile and haven’t noticed anything - is it working?

Thermogenic products only increase your metabolic rate, and give you energy. Weight management ultimately comes down to your overall energy balance. To lose weight you must be consuming less calories than you expend during the day. While this product may help you be more active, it is not a substitute for a calorie reduced diet.

Can I stack this with other Magnum thermogenic products?

While many of our products are meant to be stacked, we advise caution when stacking multiple products that contain caffeine, as this may exceed your tolerance. Heat contains 142 mg of caffeine per capsule, so if you’re consuming with other products like Limitless (150 mg caffeine/scoop) or Fasted Cardio (150 mg of caffeine/scoop), we suggest using half a scoop and using only 1 capsule of heat.

Is it ok to use this product while on medication?

We highly advise caution if you are on medication and recommend you speak with your physician or qualified healthcare professional, as Heat contains grapefruit extract, which can interfere with certain medications.