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Magnum Acid Isolate: a potent CLA Isolate designed to target problem fat areas. Focuses on two scientifically-backed isomers to discourage fat accumulation and supports caloric expenditure. Designed to aid in curbing cravings and promote fullness resulting in a leaner physique.

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Magnum Acid Isolate is a fat isomer formula designed to target problem body fat through the reduction of fat accumulation in fat cells. With its powerful, proprietary formulation, isolated to 85%+ of the two fully active isomers (c-9, t-11 and t-10, c-12), Acid Isolate will rapidly support your fat loss goals. By isolating only the two most proven and effective isomers from CLA, Acid Isolate inhibits fat from entering cells, decreasing the size and density of fat cells. 

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    Customer Reviews

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    Erin Crawford
    This is a silent

    This is a silent body fat killer! I love this one as its so good to add year round. Great way to look and feel tighter and no caffine.

    Rae-Ann Dodd
    This is the only

    This is the only CLA product I've used that I noticed increased tightness in my body, even during building season. It's a great daily staple you can use year round!

    Amazing feeling to burn

    Amazing feeling to burn more calories 24/7 and see results as a personal trainer specialist sports nutrition great products

    Patrick Kensick
    Acid is part of

    Acid is part of the fat shredding stack I am taking right now (mimic, acid, heat, after burner, and Carne Diem.) so I personally can’t say how much of the 10lbs and 3 inches off my gut in three weeks but I can definitely say it sure is helping me feel full while on a low calorie diet! I Love Magnum!!!

    Emily Graham
    I have been using

    I have been using Acid for a couple of months now and have noticed a huge reduction in the fat that is stored in my midsection and thighs! Awesome non-stim fat burner!!

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