How to Achieve Better Sleep

How to Achieve Better Sleep

Everyone knows adults should aim to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night, but why?

Sleep is vital for more than improving overall health. It can help you lose weight by reducing the hunger hormone ghrelin. A good night's rest is integral for improving your productivity, concentration, and memory. Getting enough sleep is also linked to improved muscle gains and muscle endurance!

Since sleep is an integral element of health and fitness, here are Magnum’s tips on achieving better sleep.

Create a Nighttime Routine

Humans are creatures of habit, so creating a routine for the evening can help the mind relax and get ready to sleep. A routine practiced daily will create a cue for the brain to slow down. Like sleep hygiene, a routine is incredibly personal so do what works for you. Some examples of nighttime routines are:

  1. Putting on a calming podcast or playlist
  2. Preparing meals for the next day
  3. Laying out clothing for the morning
  4. Brushing your teeth
  5. Reading for 30 minutes before sleeping.
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Reduce Screentime Before Bed

Turning off your phones, TVs, computers, and any other digital devices at least 1 hour before you head to sleep can greatly improve your quality of sleep over time. Screens emit blue light which can throw off the circadian rhythm - the body’s internal clock. Blue light suppresses the production of melatonin, which is the hormone that encourages sleep. So, to keep melatonin levels regular, limit the screen time when getting ready for bed.

Take Magnum’s G-Spring

Magnum G-Spring is a supplement formulated to improve sleep. It contains ingredients like Melatonin, Vitamin D3, and L-Theanine which are all scientifically proven to help calm the body and mind, boost melatonin production, and encourage deep sleep.

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Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is about setting up for sleep success. To improve sleep hygiene, create an environment in the bedroom which encourages relaxation. This could be decreasing the temperature, getting blackout curtains to reduce light, or turning on some white noise. Getting a second duvet or blanket if you share your bed with a partner can help keep you asleep by reducing disturbances throughout the night.

Get Daily Movement

Movement is not only great for your mental and physical health, but also for your sleep health. Working out during the day can help the body fall asleep quicker at night. But, make sure training is scheduled to end at least 2 hours before bedtime or it can interfere with sleep.

Woman performing bent over rows with a dumbbell

It is worth taking the time to test out what works best for you and your schedule. Sleep is important no matter what goals you’re chasing or the lifestyle you live. To help you get deep, rejuvenating rest, keep some G-Spring on your nightstand. It can be used as a quick fix for restless nights or a part of your evening routine. It is the simplest way to guarantee a well-rested morning.

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