Magnum Nutraceuticals CEO Markus Kaulius

Magnum CEO’s Morning Routine for Excellence

Magnum Nutraceuticals CEO Markus Kaulius

Since 2005, Magnum Nutraceuticals has undergone countless transformations and evolutions, and so has its CEO, Markus Kaulius. This growth could not have happened without utilizing each day to the fullest.

Markus’ personal ethos is deeply woven within Magnum culture. He believes that every day is an opportunity for excellence; that every day calls upon you to show up to be who you need to be. For Markus, that is a leader, a father, and innovator.

To ensure he can live up to his purpose, Markus has developed a morning routine that he has been practicing for years. This routine gets his mind and body ready for anything the day has in store for him; helping him be his most productive and influential self once he sits at his desk at Magnum HQ.

The Night Before

The morning routine starts at 8:00 pm the night before. Markus starts the evening by tucking his daughters into bed and putting his phone away for the evening. Then Markus starts preparing for the following day by visualizing how he wants the day to go as he lays out his morning supplements, plans his outfit, and preps his breakfast. It is vital that Markus ends each day with a clear mind and positive outlook so he avoids all strenuous discussions and negative news. In the Kaulius household, the rule is no serious talks, social media, or world news after sundown.

In the Morning

Once the alarm rings at 6:45 am, Markus takes his morning supplements of Mane Brain, Fasted Cardio, Carne Diem, Heat Accelerated, Hard Muscle Builder, and OPUS. Then, he is doing his first workout, a fasted cardio session, within five minutes of waking up. According to the Magnum CEO, having some sort of cardio that you love doing at your home is life changing. This could be a simple jump rope or as intense as an at-home treadmill. Just make sure it is something that you enjoy and be consistent with. Besides cardio, Markus’ other morning life hack is EDM music. After discovering the way different BPM changes your mood and energy levels, Markus cannot do his morning cardio without it.

After his fasted cardio, Markus stretches and enjoys his favourite breakfast of protein oats with Quattro and blueberries with a side of Mimic and Primer. Instead of turning to the news or social media as he eats his breakfast, he practices gratitude as he reads his bible. For Markus, he practices gratitude through prayer. This has been a game-changer for his productivity, positivity, and motivation. This is the part of his morning where he slows down and focuses on his mental health. It helps him reconnect with his purpose - leading by example to encourage others to achieve more in life through exercise, fitness, health.

By 8:45 am, Markus arrives at Magnum HQ, takes his third round of supplements, which are Mane Brain, Carne Diem, Heat Accelerated, Hard Muscle Builder, OPUS, and DNA; then it is off to the Magnum Gym to train with weights.

Magnum Nutraceuticals CEO Markus Kaulius

Markus is showered, feeling empowered, and at his desk ready to dominate the day at 10:30 am.

The morning of a CEO like Markus is anything but dull and boring. His routine has taken him years to perfect, so he cannot go a weekday morning without it. It might seem ambitious to some, but Markus’ morning has three main elements: prioritizing movement and exercise, practicing positive mental health, and fueling your body with what makes you feel your best. These three elements are easy to incorporate into any morning routine.

What are you doing in the morning to show up every day as your best self? If you need a little help in developing your own morning routine for excellence, head over to @markuskaulius for inspiration and guidance.

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