The Women of Magnum and Their Favorite Supplements

The Women of Magnum and Their Favorite Supplements

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we asked the incredible women of Magnum about their favorite supplements. Here are the products that fuel these inspiring women!

Chrissy Grantham & Hard Muscle Builder

Chrissy embodies the Magnum spirit with her approach to fitness and training. She is an incredible nutrition coach and works at Popeye's Supplements Canada. Chrissy takes Hard Muscle Builder every day to help with her current fitness goals. She feels like it is the best supplement for fast results.

Hard muscle builder, 30 servings on a bench press

Alana Spadaccini & G-Spring

We believe there is nothing Alana cannot do! She is a physique coach, fitness competitor, nutritionist, has a Masters in Counselling Psychology, and is a published author. To keep up with everything she juggles, Alana takes G-Spring before bed. It helps her achieve deep sleep and muscle recovery, which is especially important when she is prepping for a show.

Becky Overbeck, Jenni Ingram, & Fasted Cardio

Becky and Jenni’s favourite Magnum supplement is Fasted Cardio. Jenni is a personal trainer, mental health advocate, and bikini model. She feels that Fasted Cardio has changed her perspective fat burners. This supplement gives Jenni the boost she needs throughout her workout without the jitters or caffeine crash.

Becky is a Magnum Pro Athlete, the Founder of Babe Cave, a published fitness model, and mom. She has been with Magnum for years, so she knows her supplements! Becky says that Fasted Cardio gives her the increased energy, focus, and mental clarity to give 110% in every workout.

Fasted Cardio Miami Vice, 40 servings, thermogenic fat burner

Nicki Hall & Mane Brain

Nicki is an incredible online coach who specializes in women’s wellness, so she spends a lot of time in front of her computer. From building programs to holding calls and meetings with her clients, Nicki relies on Mane Brain to focus and power through her work. Since taking Mane Brain, it has helped her eliminate her brain fog.

Magnum HQ

The women at Magnum HQ work behind the scenes to make Magnum the company it is today. Here are some of their favorite supplements that help them perform at their best.

Kayla & Mimic

Kayla is Magnum’s brilliant Key Account Development Specialist. She is on her own personal fitness journey to become stronger, so she has been using Mimic every day. Kayla finds that Mimic is super helpful before larger, carb-heavy meals to channel the carbs right into her muscle to assist in muscle growth and reduce fat storage.

Tori & Quattro

Tori is the sole female on Magnum’s Graphic Design team. To help Tori feel fueled and satisfied during her long workdays, she starts her morning off with Quattro Toasted Cinnamon Cereal. She adds Quattro to her oatmeal every day to help convert dull oats into a meal that tastes more like dessert than breakfast.

Quattro Chocolate Love, 4lb, protein powder, 30 grams of protein

Rachel & E-Brake

Rachel is Magnum’s Sales Manager and IFBB Pro Athlete. No matter if she is prepping for a competition or in her off-season, Rachel cycles E-Brake. This supplement helps her keep her physique tight and lean, which gives Rachel the confidence to win the day.

At Magnum, we have a team of the most amazing ladies who manage everything from operations to marketing and accounting. We have so many incredible female athletes that amaze us every single day. These women inspire, motivate, and help Magnum grow.

Happy International Women’s Day to the powerful, strong, and brilliant women of Magnum!

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