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Fully encapsulated vitamin formula


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Magnum Primer, a performance vitamin pack, lays the perfect nutrient foundation for your athletic goals. It fuels cellular performance with 75 micronutrients, enhancing muscle building, workout quality, recovery, and immunity. Primer is your essential groundwork for whatever you aim to build in the gym.

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100% Encapsulated Performance Pack

Magnum Primer is a daily vitamin and nutrient performance pack. Primer is formulated to ensure you have the perfect nutrient foundation to maintain and increase the rate by which you can achieve your athletic goals. Without Primer, you won’t build as much muscle, burn as much fat, or train with as much intensity. 

Magnum Primer nourishes your body at the cellular level with 75 different micronutrients. The nutrients you supply to each cell in your body will determine its performance and Primer provides the best ingredients coupled with the best delivery system. Whatever you’re building in the gym, Magnum Primer is your foundation. 

  • Boosts Immune System
  • Improves Workouts
  • Enhances Recovery
  • Increases Muscle Building

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
I love these it’s been three days

It’s been three days and I already feel good and love how these Rev up metabolism for more efficient digestion health plus it’s my first time take these and I am a fan will continue to to use them

Kendall Kershaw
Incredible product - It's

Incredible product - It's the only multi-vitamin I've ever missed when I've stopped taking it! I love knowing my body is supported by so many, high quality ingredients.

LOVE magnum primer! I

LOVE magnum primer! I take it daily. it really is the base line for my day and health! easiest thing you can do for your health is take these. also crazy handy for a busy lifestyle that they come in a packet!

Primer has been a

Primer has been a staple for me since I started taking it two and a half years ago. Especially now with everything that is going on in the world, those foundational supplements are more important than ever. Unlike pressed multi vitamins, Primer is encapsulated to ensure maximum absorption.

An everyday must for

An everyday must for me. It covers all the basics! Love that they are in capsule form as well!

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