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Pump-enhancing pre-workout


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This loaded formula, complete with over 20 grams of scientifically backed ingredients, redefines your workouts for unprecedented results. Boost power, pumps, performance and energy. Increase focus, build strength and lean muscle while improving endurance and delaying fatigue. Enjoy tempting, clean flavors with our NextGen Flavor™ Technology. Vegan, gluten-free, and dye-free, Limitless is your key to unlocking peak performance.
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Supplement Facts

Electric Blue Razz
Fruit Punched
Perfect Pink Lemonade
Peach Mango Rush

Intended Use:

  • Increase energy and boost performance for training sessions & recreational activities
  • Improve endurance and lower fatigue
  • Increase power and strength
  • Boost mood and focus


  • Take 1-2 scoops with 1-2 cups of water 30-60 minutes before training or recreational activities
  • Take 1-2 servings as a replacement for coffee or an energy drink


  • 21 grams of total active ingredients
  • Dual-sourced caffeine for sustained energy
  • 6 g of Citrulline for sustained pumps & blood flow
  • Nootropic blend to enhance focus and sustain mental energy
  • 3.2 g of Beta-alanine to increase endurance & delay fatigue
  • 5 g of Creatine and 2 g Betaine to increase power output and strength
  • Vegan, Gluten-free, Dye-free, Peanut-free
  • ZERO crash or jitters
  • Sugar-free and Keto-friendly
  • 5 flavours available



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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Dan Pollard
The best pre workout ever made!

This is the first review I've made on any supplement. I think some will be inspired to change to this product as I have. I have tried MANY pre workouts in my years of lifting. There were some I enjoyed, but had lost its effectiveness after some time of use. This pre workout, however, has been phenomenal! I've never experienced a pre workout to this extent. It is undeniably the best pre workout I've ever had! So far, it has the same effectiveness since the first time I tried it. I believe it will continue to do so. I've had some difficulty enjoying my workouts prior to getting this pre workout. Shortly after taking this, it has sparked my joy in my daily workouts again. Taking this before a new workout session, I feel much stronger than before and the focus continues through my whole workout. I always recommend this pre workout now, even Magnum supplements in general. I will only be buying Magnum from now on. There are no hidden ingredients on any product and the pre workout has no crash even after hours after a workout. I've also yet to try this prior to a motocross session as I think it would absolutely enhance my overall performance on the track. I would like to thank all at Magnum for making such fantastic supplements!

Robert Rowe
Loving the PUMP from LIMITLESS

Been using Limitless Peach Mango almost every session, and I can say I love it more every time. The pump you get from this is RIDICULOUS!!! Must have, if you haven’t tried it yet…you need to!

Karl Panzer
Limitless is right

Limitless is right my workouts are limitless all day everyday best pre ever

Blake Johnson
My daily drink!

I initially started on Limitless back in January 2023 when I started working out. Admittedly, I’ve fallen off of that wagon, but i still use Limitless in my water 2-3 times a day. It tastes GREAT!! And since we have well water(NOT TASTY!!), it allows me to get in my gallon a day without the nasty taste. The energy is maintained throughout the day, and is GREAT to have at work(I’m a restaurant server, expending about 15-20k steps a shift). LOVE ME SOME LIMITLESS!!!

Manuel camarena
Believe the hype!

I heard a lot about this product, prior to ordering it, which is why I wanted to give it a try. I can say from my experience that Limitless lives up to its name. I didn’t have jitters, but I did have enhanced energy and focus! When the going gets tough, I reach for the limitless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get jitters or crash from this?

No, we use two types of caffeine, along with several nootropics to prevent jitters or crashes when taking this pre workout.

Will this make me itchy?

Limitless contains Beta-alanine, which is the ingredient that can cause some people to itch. If this is something that you’re not used to, take 1 scoop to start off and taper up to two scoops as you build tolerance.

Does this have any sugar?

No, Fasted Cardio is sugar free and only has 17 calories per scoop, coming from the Cerin C8 and C10 MCT oils.

Can I stack this with Heat or any of the other fat burners?

Yes, but we advise caution with this strategy. While many of our products are designed to be stacked, we recommend you take a half serving of each product if stacking for the first time. Fasted Cardio has about the same amount of caffeine (150 mg) as 1 capsule of Heat (142 mg) so if you were to take 1 serving of each, this would be nearly 300 mg of caffeine. Stacking Fasted cardio with Carne Diem is advised since Carne diem is stimulant free.

I don’t really feel anything by taking one scoop, why is that?

In order to get the most out of Limitless, we recommend you take two scoops in order to get the full, clinical dose of the most important ingredients. Limitless has a total of 21 active ingredients per two scoop serving. If you take two scoops per serving you will get 20 servings per tub!