At Home Circuit HIIT Workout

At Home Circuit

At Home Full Bodyweight Workout

Not able to get to the gym? No problem! Here is a full-body workout that you can do at home to boost your gains with no equipment in just 30 minutes! Wrap up with a 10-minute stretch to really complete this full-body exercise.


A good portion of this workout will be HIIT: high-intensity interval training.

HIIT uses aerobic exercises that exert the body through fast-paced movements at high repetitions that increase the heart rate. Bursts of high-intensity exercises stacked with short rest or lower intensity exercises mean for a quicker, more effective workout as well as optimal fat burning.

Here is the 30-minute circuit followed by a 10-minute, full-body stretch that you can use at home to stay on top of your fitness goals for 2022! Run through all 5 exercises 5 times to complete a full 30 minutes.

There are five variations for each exercise to ensure you are challenging yourself and targeting as many muscle groups as possible. Each variation will get progressively more difficult. Feel free to mix different variations and build your unique workout!

At Home Workout HIIT Crunches

Exercise Variations Time


  1. Basic burpee
  2. Burpee with jump
  3. Burpee with pushup
  4. Burpee with a clapping pushup
  5. Burpee with mountain climbers and a clapping pushup
45 seconds - 15 second rest


  1. Basic squat
  2. Plie squat
  3. Side-kick squat
  4. Jump squat
  5. One-leg squat
45 seconds - 15 second rest


  1. Stationary lunge
  2. Forward and reverse lunge
  3. Lateral lunge
  4. Curtesy lunge
  5. Bulgarian split squat
45 seconds - 15 second rest


  1. Strict pushup
  2. Triangle pushup
  3. Hindu pushup
  4. Sphinx pushup
  5. Clapping pushup
45 seconds - 15 second rest

Crunches and sit-ups

  1. Standard crunches
  2. Twisting crunches
  3. Standard sit-up
  4. Reverse crunches
  5. V-sit
45 seconds - 15 second rest


Full Rest. Repeat all 5 exercises, 5 times 1 minute


Often missed but just as important for muscle growth, performance and overall flexibility is stretching. We like to spend some time every day stretching our muscles and ligaments to ensure optimal growth, recovery, and future muscle performance. Here are just a few of our favorites that will give you an all-around stretch after your intense circuit.

At Home Stretches

The Stretch Description Time
Hamstring Stretch
  • Sitting down, legs flat to the ground and feet touching in front of you, reach for your toes
  • This stretches hamstring, calves and back muscles
1 minute
Quad Stretch
  • Standing up, stand on one foot and pull the other foot up with your hand so that your heel touches your glute
  • This stretches the quad muscle and, if the knee is also pulled back will stretch the hip
1 minute each
Glute Stretch
  • Laying on your back, pull one knee to your chest while the other leg lays flat to the ground
  • This stretches out the glute and lower back
1 minute each
Butterfly Stretch
  • Sitting with your back straight, pull your heels into your groin with the soles of your feet facing each other
  • This stretches the groin
1 minute
Triceps Stretch
  • Back straight, reach one arm straight up, bend the elbow so that your hand is now behind you upper back. Place your opposite hand on your bent elbow and pull down
  • This stretches the tricep and lat
1 minute each
Lunge with Spinal Twist
  • From the lunge position, place one hand flat on the floor and reach the other hand up toward the sky, twisting your back and opening your chest
  • This will stretch your hamstring, back and shoulders
1 minute each

After your workout and stretch you will be feeling loosened up and ready to conquer your other goals! This all-around great workout variety is an excellent way to keep yourself mobile and heart-healthy.

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