Magnum's 5 Pillars of Motivation

Magnum's 5 Pillars of Motivation

With February nearly over, we are approaching month three of 2022. Are you making progress on your goals?

If you are in search of motivation to push you and your goals to the finish line, here is Magnum’s Motivation Guide on how we turn ideas and dreams into actions and results.

Create a Routine

It is easier to stay motivated if you have created a daily routine that helps you work towards your goals. This could be something as simple as taking your Mane Brain once you sit at your desk to guarantee focus throughout the day. We suggest writing your goals out clearly along with a routine that can be measured. This will help you stay consistent!

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Keep Track

It is difficult to see the changes in your body, outlook, and life in small increments. This is why it is vital to keep track of your progress over an extended period of time. You can see your progress with more clarity over a long period of time. To keep track of your progress, you can keep a journal, take daily photos, or mark your calendar - anything that is manageable to do on a daily basis.

Reward Consistency

Consistency is the key to accomplishing any goal. You should be rewarding yourself for staying on track and consistent with your objective. For example, reward yourself with a massage after going to the gym three times a week for three months. This helps to celebrate the journey you’re on rather than keeping all of your focus on the finish line.

Get Enough Rest

Good quality rest is the foundation of any productive day. You cannot expect to reach your daily potential if you start with an empty tank. We stress getting the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. If you have trouble sleeping, G-Spring is there to help!

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Have an Accountability Buddy

An accountability buddy will help to motivate and push you to work towards your goals every day. This is someone with whom you can report your progress, share your wins, and understand the motivation behind your goals. An accountability buddy could be a personal trainer, a spouse, friend, or online community - anyone who you trust!

These five tips can help anyone cross the finish line. Which one of Magnum’s motivation tips are you adopting? If you haven’t made a goal for 2022, head over to our blog about setting goals with intention.

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