Markus' Top Magnum Supplements

Markus' Top Magnum Supplements

Markus Kaulius Favorite Workout Stack
If you’re unfamiliar with Markus Kaulius, he is the President and CEO of Magnum Nutraceuticals. He lives the Magnum lifestyle everyday. Markus maintains a clean and healthy diet, exercises 6 times every week, and of course, takes more Magnum supplements than anyone else.

We wanted to share which Magnum supplements are his absolute favourite, and why he wouldn’t choose anything else to fuel his workouts.

Can you guess which supplements are his favourite?

Since Markus takes every Magnum product, choosing a favourite is a challenge to say the least. Here are his top 3 supplements that he can’t live without right now!

Markus Kaulius flexing with fasted cardio fat burner

Fasted Cardio

No surprise to anyone who follows Markus online, Fasted Cardio is his absolute favorite! It will get you FIRED UP and sweatier than ever. Plus, it tastes amazing! If you haven’t tried it yet, you’ve got to add Fasted Cardio to your next workout.

Magnum Hard Muscle Builder Physical Benefits

Hard Muscle Builder

Hard Muscle Builder is an incredibly unique and sophisticated formula. It’s guaranteed to help you build more muscle, increase your reps and reduce muscle damage. Not only will you notice the incredible physical benefits, but Hard Muscle Builder also helps boost your immune system. It helps combat stress by lowering the muscle-cannibalizing hormone Cortisol.

Magnum Ebrake Anti-Estrogen


E-Brake is the world’s strongest natural anti-estrogen compound. This is an absolute must for Markus, especially when prepping for a photoshoot or event.

Do you want to add Markus’s favorites to your next workout? Order Markus’s Top Stack today at a specially reduced price!

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