Magnum Nutraceuticals OPUS intra-workout supplement

The Benefits of Using an Intra-Workout

What is an intra-workout supplement?

Intra-workout supplements – as the name suggests – are supplements you take during your workout to enhance performance and recovery. An effective intra-workout supplement can provide you with multiple benefits as a stand-alone product or as a complement to your existing supplement routine. Intra-workout supplements are formulated to give your body the support it needs to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Magnum Nutraceuticals OPUS Intra-workout

What should you look for in an intra-workout supplement?

Effective intra-workout supplements will help you push through your workouts. Whether you’re using a pre-workout with your intra-workout or not, your intra-workout supplement should still be able to deliver multiple key benefits including boosts in energy, strength, endurance, hydration, blood flow, and muscle protein synthesis.

The most popular and effective intra-workout supplements contain amino acids; BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) and EAAs (essential amino acids). Amino acids are known as the building blocks of protein as they aid in muscle growth and recovery. Amino acids including L-Leucine can also easily be converted into glucose to be used as energy during intense activity. This helps delay the feeling of fatigue providing you with more endurance while training.

How else can an intra-workout provide you with energy? By increasing blood flow. An effective intra-workout formula will include ingredients that can increase blood flow, which in turn increases amino acid delivery and muscle pumps. Instantized L-Citrulline Malate is a popular ingredient that increases the production of energy while pushing more blood into working muscle tissues creating huge pumps for the gym.

L-Citrulline Malate can also improve stamina and fatigue resistance. Another key ingredient that can allow you to train both longer and harder is Beta Alanine. Instantized Beta Alanine can increase strength, muscular endurance, and allow you to train with greater intensity. This is a popular ingredient amongst most pre-workout products. Having this in your intra-workout will take your training to an even higher level!

Hydration is critical during intense workouts. Since you can choose to take an intra-workout before and/or during exercise, you want to ensure your body is properly hydrated. An effective intra-workout supplement will keep you fueled and functioning with electrolytes. Electrolytes include Calcium, Sodium, and Potassium. These ingredients help regulate muscle contractions and also help balance your pH levels.

MAGNUM OPUS is the perfect intra-workout without any stimulants.

MAGNUM OPUS is pure muscle fuel. This formula is designed to deliver all of the benefits you need from an effective intra-workout without any stimulants. This makes it the perfect supplement to add to your favourite pre-workout supplement or to use on its own for training at any time of day.

Two scoops of MAGNUM OPUS flood your body with 4 grams of L-Leucine, 3 grams of L-Citrulline Malate, and over 3 grams of Beta Alanine. It also includes a full dose of electrolytes and added B Vitamins to further support good health, energy levels, cell metabolism, and mental function. You can start to feel the effects of MAGNUM OPUS within minutes after taking your first dose.

MAGNUM OPUS intra-workout supplement

Who needs to supplement with MAGNUM OPUS?

MAGNUM OPUS can be used by anyone with a fitness goal to further enhance performance and recovery. MAGNUM OPUS has been trusted for years by athletes, hardcore fitness enthusiasts, and gymgoers alike. If you want to build more lean muscle, increase strength and endurance, breakthrough training plateaus, and/or train late at night, you need to use MAGNUM OPUS. This is the perfect intra-workout formula for anyone who lifts weights, plays sports, or is active throughout the day!

How can you stack MAGNUM OPUS?

For muscle-building workout sessions, MAGNUM OPUS is the perfect intra-workout to stack with a stimulant-based pre-workout like MAGNUM PRE FO. The energy, pumps, and mental focus from PRE FO are further enhanced by OPUS while also providing the numerous benefits of the intra-workout formula without adding any extra stimulants.

For fat-burning cardio training, MAGNUM OPUS can be stacked with MAGNUM FASTED CARDIO for an effective sweat session designed to help you train longer, burn more fat, and recover quicker.

Finally, to keep your training entirely stimulant-free, you can stack MAGNUM OPUS with other muscle-building and strength-activating products including MAGNUM HARD MUSCLE BUILDER, MAGNUM BIG C, and MAGNUM DNA. You can also stack OPUS with MAGNUM VOLUME for truly insane, skin-splitting pumps.

An effective intra-workout supplement will help you push through your workouts while increasing performance and recovery. With MAGNUM OPUS, you will feel these effects instantly as you continue to strive towards your fitness goals.

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MAGNUM Nutraceuticals OPUS Intra-workout Supplement
Magnum OPUS

MAGNUM OPUS is highly versatile and effective. No matter your fitness goals, this intra-workout will help fuel your body and muscles. OPUS will fortify with hydration, energy, nutrients, and pumps. Add it to your supplement stack to get the most out of every workout and push your body beyond its limits.

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